Sunday, 14 April 2013

20mph meeting with Ann Barnes, Police and Crime Commissioner

I met with Ann Barnes during the week at her request following our correspondence late last year to discuss the level of support that the public has for 20mph limits in residential roads. Let's hope that she was persuaded and will support the introduction of these.

I explained that:

  1. Bristol residents’ support for a maximum speed limit on their own street of 20 mph or less rose after implementation from 73% to 88%. Residents’ support for a maximum speed limit of 20 mph or less on all residential streets rose from 67% to 83%.
  2. British Social Attitudes Survey 2011: 73% favoured 20mph limits for residential roads. Only 11% were against
  3. Other authorities: Chichester, York and Oxford all found between 70 and 80% support
  4. Maidstone: 2008 survey of 346 homes showed 72% in favour – presented to MBC in 2008
  5. Local Authorities surveyed by the Independent: One third of local authorities are considering 20mph limits
  6. National Government: Department for Transport Circular 01/2013: “Traffic authorities are asked to keep their speed limits under review with changing circumstances, and to consider the introduction of more 20 mph limits and zones, over time, in urban areas and built-up village streets that are primarily residential, to ensure greater safety for pedestrians and cyclists”
  7. EU: Recommends 20mph in residential streets

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