Friday, 22 March 2013

Huge supermarket planned for Maidstone town centre

A new supermarket in Maidstone on an already gridlocked street? They must be mad but that is what is proposed for the old Tilling-Stevens factory - now known as the Power Hub on St Peter's St.

Space for 318 cars, with 3716 sq metres of retail - a significant shop, 60 metres by 60 metres.

The local corner shop won't survive and the road, which is already impassible for most of every weekend after they allowed an Asda Living at the far end, simply will not cope.

Bizarrely, the applicants cite the following in support of their application...

Policy R1
permits retail development within the defined urban and village area (includes Baltic Wharf site) subject to the following criteria:
•That the proposed development will not threaten the overall economic vitality and viability of established retail centres;
•That arrangements for road access, parking and servicing of the land and buildings are adequate and that there are no highway objections;

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