Sunday, 3 February 2013

Trees and roads

I've been tempted to join the road protestors at Combe Haven outside Hastings as they bravely fight against the madness that pervades government when it comes to development.

Sacrificing our environment to the gods of economic growth is not just pointless folly that will come to haunt the lives of of children and grandchildren but folly that will haunt our own lives.

There is so little time to make a difference that the focus of development must only be for schemes that reduce our impact on the environment. So whether it is road and industrial parks in East Sussex or ridiculous housing numbers in Maidstone, we must say no.

My friend Jonathan has forwarded this:

East Sussex County Council have launched a pro-road petition because they have been spooked by the huge local resistance to the tree felling over the last month and the High Court cases that are being taken against them.

Please please sign this ANTI-ROAD petition to overwhelmingly show our opposition to this road, and forward the link on to your friends and contacts.

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