Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shortest speech ever

Arrived home from Nottingham last night after a busy and successful conference where I am claiming to have made the shortest speech ever to propose a motion. One word "ditto". Later this year I will attempt to break the record with a word of just one syllable.

The main job was to update our Europe policy. Not a full rewrite but a series amendments to

the existing policy that brought it up to date. 39 separate amendments may be a record in itself, but the speed that we rattled through them was impressive - mostly due to the significant work that had gone into agreeing the changes with key people in advance. With four separate amendments to a section where there rationale was the same, as I proposed the fourth amendment I looked at my notes and had written ditto - which is what I said to conference.

On top of that we had a great birthday party for the the Party. 40 years young with founder members in attendance and a display of historical election leaflets. The disco was something else with its 70's theme kicking off with Whole Lotta Love. The picture is of one of the founder members, Clive Lord.

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