Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Disgusting Lib Dem Remarks

Jasper Gerard is the new Lib Dem candidate for Maidstone and Weald but has started his campaign with a disgusting dismissal of sexual abuse allegations against former Lib Dem Chief Exex, Lord Rennard.

In an interview with the BBC's "World At One" Jasper Gerard is reported as saying: "We should not be treating this as a major, major crisis. It is something that is unfortunate but it is being blown out of all proportion. We need to take some kind of degree of proportion about this. It seems like it was a bit of inappropriate behaviour... a clumsy pass, which I am not remotely defending."

Sexual harassment claims should be investigated and treated properly. Dismissing them as Gerard has done is disgusting, his apology was therefore necessary but this does not counter what he said.

Also amazing in the KM is Gerard's claim that he "would focus his campaign on whether Helen Grant was the right person to be MP amid high-profile allegations concerning her expenses." While I obviously agree with the sentiment it is a real case of bandwagoning.

Local Lib Dems seem to have selected a very poor candidate.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stuart,
I agree with you, how the local Liberals came to pick this person is beyond reason. Looking at some of the things he has written in the past would flag up distaste.
We all have gripes about other parties and people, which we think is justified, but do we really want this type of person in Maidstone.