Friday, 4 January 2013

Use shark DNA to give apples more bite

The Guardian are running an opinion poll on GM crops. Nature modifies genetics at a speed that us hubris filled humans think far too slow, so rather than a cautious and patient approach to development, we think we can put shark DNA in our apples to give them more bite.

Will nature forgive us - not in every case. Please vote before Saturday 5th Jan 2013:


Stephen Paine said...

I think "shark DNA in apples" is a bit whacky and takes some justifying. But other aspects of GM are potentially hugely beneficial, e.g. researchers in Kent have recently developed a strain of strawberries that grow using less than a third the amount of water the average strawberry plant needs. The same team have found ways to produce green plants with anti-HIV properties. With more and more adverse weather as a result of climate change, and a population that is growing exponentially, these sorts of technologies are going to help feed the world in the future.

A lot of people don't realise how much GM is already in front of them. It might be worth the Green Party asking cinemas whether their popcorn is GM free for example!

Stuart Jeffery said...

Shark DNA: Clearly my attempt at GM humour failed!

Stephen Paine said...

Oh I fell for it! There are so many GM horror stories in the press that I wondered if it was true.

I did think it was a clever pun though!