Thursday, 17 January 2013

20mph in Brighton

Good for Brighton. 20mph in residential areas has been voted in by their Green City Council - that will mean fewer accidents, deaths and less air pollution.

Just as Obama is making a speech calling for voters to ask their politicians whether they support gun control, with the comment that 900 people have been shot dead in the past month in the states - the UK has its own smoking gun, the deaths caused by traffic.

Around 2,000 people each year are killed on our roads (and another 20,000 seriously injured) plus around 29,000 deaths attributable to air pollution caused by traffic. I make that 31,000 deaths each year or 2,600 each month, almost 3 times more than the US gun deaths.

Time to tackle our own problems.

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Canterbury Green Party said...

What do you think is the best strategy at local level to achieve 20mph limits in residential areas ?