Tuesday, 1 January 2013

20mph criticism of KCC

Press release from Kent Green Party:

Kent Greens have roundly criticised Kent County Council transport supremo, Cllr Sweetland, for his email claiming that "the casualty figures for the Maidstone district are falling when the increased traffic flow is taken into account" to defend the 50% increase in people killed or seriously injured in the town in 2011.

Cllr Sweetland's email also goes on to refuse to introduce 20mph limits across all residential areas despite his acknowledgement that "speed is a factor in almost crashes".

Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party: "Cllr Sweetland's response is more than disappointing, especially after the latest figures show a 50% rise in serious accidents in Maidstone and that he accepts that speed is a factor in almost all crashes. I simply don't understand how he can justify not taking an urgent but simple step to reduce the high number of deaths and injuries, especially when there is such high public support.

"With public support for 20mph limits in residential areas at around 73% and 8 million people living in authorities that have 20mph limits there are simply no barriers to this. Coupled with the benefits to road safety, and the potential reduction in air pollution and congestion, I have to question his motives for not acting.

"Cllr Sweetland must act now to save lives. Further blocking of this simple and effective is unacceptable."

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