Monday, 31 December 2012

Fracking - the radioactive Maidstone connection

While it looks like full steam ahead for Cuadrilla with their destructive and unnecessary fracking around the country, it seems that a Maidstone firm is now involved. Active Collection Bureau based in Allington, Maidstone will be handling the radioactive radium that is deposited as part of from fracking process.

This is a part of the fracking story that had frankly passed me by, that there is radioactive waste from the fracking to dispose of. While it seems a small problem compared to the earthquakes, the ground water contamination, and the impact on the climate of burning the gas, it is still significant.

It is the government's fault that fracking is happening, and their lack of understanding about the world we live in is frankly appalling. Given that their understanding of energy is driven by the fossil fool companies, it is no wonder. Is there any chance this government (and the last) will wake up and see what they are doing to us?

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