Sunday, 11 November 2012

White Poppies

Remembering and honoring our ancestors is of great importance to me and especially at this time of year, however I refuse to wear a red poppy but am proud to wear a white one.

I became uneasy with the red ones in my early teens after realising who Haig was (Poppies at that time had Haig Fund stamped in the centre). This unease was heightened when I started looking at the boxes that red poppies were being sold from - they had 'The Glorious War' written on the side.

There is nothing glorious about killing people and there was certainly nothing glorious about the first world war. The white poppy has a history almost as long as the red one and they are sold by the Peace Pledge Union.

See also this letter from Daniel Cooper, VP of the University of London Union.

Let us remember those who died and hope for peace in the future.

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