Saturday, 10 November 2012

Phone a friend to keep politics out of the police

This is from Ann Barnes, Independent Police Commissioner Candidate for Kent:
There’s only 7 days to go to Polling Day!
Today is Tell a Friend Day....
More and more pundits are saying that they do not support Party Politicians running for Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner. The latest message came out today via the Editor of the Folkestone Herald. See his editorial to the right.
My campaign to be your Independent Police Commissioner is making such turbulent waves in Tory HQ that as a result their already overwhelming massive resources are now being even further strengthened.
They are hugely worried as to what they saw as to be their expected, easy and inevitable win in Kent, could now be under real threat.  We have the common sense message that resonates with 90% of the people of Kent. All they have, is their Party Politics!
We now hear they are deploying a huge telephone call centre operation to encourage their traditional voters to get out on November 15th.  To help us to combat this colossal unfair advantage in campaigning resources over Independents, please can you do the following tasks that will further enhance our chances of winning this election, yes that's right, "winning this election":
  1. Please call 5 friends, family, contacts and ask them to support this view:  To prevent any politicians from running our Kent Police please VOTE for Independent Ann Barnes next Thursday. The only credible solution to effective long term policing in Kent.”
  2. Please email the same message to as many people as possible. Send them the link to my website to get full details of what I am standing for:

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