Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Maidstone's MP / Equalities Minister / Lawyer in need of employement law training

Oh dear! Helen Grant MP for Maidstone and newly appointed Equalities Minister, oh and part time lawyer, seems to have got it very wrong on employment rights by changing an employment contract of one of her staff without letting him know. When he needed sick leave he suddenly found that he had just two week's pay instead of the 6 months that he had signed up to.

The BBC and Daily Mail have rightly criticised Helen:



It seems that she has had to revert to the original contract but has now decided to make him redundant instead. Beggars belief!

She also employs her husband - I wonder whether he his facing redundancy and just two week's sick pay as well?

The caring face of the Tory Party - be afraid, be very afraid:


Daft Batt said...

Glad you shared this Stuart. Her expenses are well worth a look if you're not faint of heart (and in risk of no sick pay!).

Under parliamentary rules you are allowed to claim a second home allowance if your main residence is over 1 hour away from Parliament.

Mrs. Grant's home is 1 hour and 4 minutes away from London, and yet she took a second homes allowance to rent a property in Marden - further away from parliament than 1 hour 4 minutes!

According to the press the changes she (without authorisation) made to the members of staff contract were "to save tax payers money".

If that isn't a case for one rule for them, one rule for us, I don't know what is?!

Daft Batt said...

I should point out that the second home allowance of just shy of £900 plus £250 council tax per month is no longer claimed for the Marden property.

Now Mrs. Grant claims £1,700 per month for a swanky residence by the Thames, in London.

Whilst she appears to no longer be claiming council tax (how kind), there are a number of items that grate, such as claiming 90p to buy the KM as she had an article in there!