Monday, 12 November 2012

Burning Poppies, offensive but surely not illegal?

I can't believe that Kent Police can be so politically stupid as to interfere with freedom of speech to this level. A man has been arrested in Kent for posting a picture of a burning poppy online.

Clearly an offensive thing to do, but illegal? What happened to freedom of speech? Kent Police should be ashamed of their actions.

Freedom of speech has to be paramount or we will end up in a totalitarian state reminiscent of 1984 or V for Vendetta. While I disapprove of what this man did, his right to do or say it should be defended.

A few comments from Twitter:
Jack of Kent: "Dear idiots at Kent Police, burning a poppy may be obnoxious, but it is not a criminal offence." and  "What was the point of winning either World War if, in 2012, someone can be casually arrested by Kent Police for burning a poppy?"
Tim Minchin: "You've a right to burn a (fake!) poppy. Whether I agree with the action is utterly irrelevant. Kent Police are out of line."

More from Sky and the Grauniad:

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