Monday, 29 October 2012

Living Wage in Maidstone

As KMPG reveal that 1 in 5 workers are paid less that is needed for a basic standard of living (1), including 90% of bar staff and 85% of waiters and waitresses, Maidstone Green Party has called on clubs and restaurants in Maidstone to pay a 'Living Wage'.

Maidstone is widely considered to have the busiest night economy in Kent. The living wage is considered to be £7.20 per hour outside London(2). Living Wage week runs from the 4th November to 10th (3).

Stuart Jeffery comments: "Paying people less that the minimum needed to live on is morally wrong and it about time that it damaged the reputations of those companies that pay workers too little.

"The benefits trap is clearly visible when you start from the perspective of the Living Wage. People cannot be expected to work for an income that does not provide a basic standard of living. As a minimum, people need to have a basic quality of life when working.

"We are calling on all companies in Maidstone to sign up to being a Living Wage Employer. Just as other employment schemes have raised the bar on worker's rights, the simple concept of paying people enough to live on has to be tackled.



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