Sunday, 26 August 2012

Harry and the Hotel of Cameras

I like to let my hair down with a walk in the countryside, a quiet evening with friends in pub or a cycle ride. I'm clearly not cut out for stardom, celebrity or power. Strip billiards with unknown people in Vegas just doesn't appeal. I blame my parents for sending me to the wrong school.

For those in positions of leadership (like it or not the royals are still in positions of leadership and influence), it seems that the odd misdemeanor happens so the question has been whether those photos should be published in Blighty.

Of course, Buck House had a hissy fit and tried to stop them from getting in the red tops - and they were almost successful. As we know, The Sun decided that there was enough public interest to put the naked prince on the front page, but was that right?

Understanding that the driver was clearly Murdoch wanting to stick two fingers up at Leveson (or should that be a cue and two balls?) while making a few more £££s, the key problem with this for me is timing.

Had The Sun published on Thursday, the earliest point at which they could have done so, it would have been reasonable for them to try to claim that the publication was in the public interest. Waiting an extra day diminishes any case they might have tried to claim. By the end of Thursday, everyone who wanted to know what Harry and co had been up to, knew and had probably googled the photos. Where then, is the need to publish on Friday?

As if we needed another reason to shun The Sun.

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