Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Governed by petrol heads

I'm disappointed in Eddie Mair's commentary on PM where once again the talk was about 'subsidies' to the rail industry. Why are there 'subsidies' to rail but 'investment' in roads?

There needs to be more investment in rail, that is obvious to most people who use South Eastern here in Kent. We have stupidly high rail fares yet the trains are infrequent and dismal. Just two trains an hour from Maidstone East to Victoria midday during the week and a peak return fare of £33.80 without travel card to go 32.7 miles (as the crow flies), £1.03 per mile, and taking 1 hr 3 mins, i.e. averaging 31.7mph (Using the Medway Valley line is even slower at 1hr 14mins).

So we pay through the nose for slow and infrequent trains from a town that has a lot of commuters and we are now facing rises of 6.2% (£35.90). Government really need to get a grip on rail, nationalise it and make it work properly and cheaply. Of course being Tories / Lib Dems or even if Labour get back in we will just see more of the same - or maybe they will give it to G4S? We are sadly governed by petrol heads.

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