Monday, 6 August 2012

Clegg: a pathetic response to the end of Lords reform

Listening to Nick Clegg on Radio 4 this afternoon saying that he will block Tory plans for boundary changes in return for giving up on Lords' reform was astonishing. This was a flagship policy which would see an end to the feudal parliamentary system that allows cronies to be appointed to positions of power without any oversight or ability to be held to account by the people.

If Clegg had balls he would break the coalition now. This climb down is too big to be allowed. The coalition agreement was for Lords' reform - if Cameron and his tory friends decide to break it then the agreement should fall with the government.

Making threats about boundary changes is simply a pathetically weak response. It is not even in the same league.

Just to remind us all of the range of broken promises, how about a quick summary of some of the big ones:

BROKEN: Clegg pledged not to increase tuition fees.
BROKEN: Clegg promised not to have a new generation of nuclear power stations. Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne announced them in 2010.
BROKEN: Clegg promised not to increase VAT.
BROKEN: Clegg promised proportional representation. Lib Dems voted against it as an option in the referendum.
BROKEN: Clegg promised not to cut public spending hard in the first year.
BROKEN: Lords reform. 

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Anonymous said...

Im not a "green" voter but your spot on in your observations