Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Son of KIG

Good letter to the Kent Messenger from my friend Ciaran:

Dear Editor,

I am hardly surprised that the word betrayed is being used about Tory plans for an industrial park on the KIG site. After they marched and demonstrated alongside Bearsted residents, and other groups including the Green Party, it beggars belief that the Tories now suggest that the land should be developed.

The scale of this disloyalty to Bearsted residents and to fellow campaigners is immense. There is a real sense of shock that the council can spend £2m fighting an industrial park development in 2009 only to propose a similar one three years later. Their support for the StopKIG campaign now seems like hollow electioneering.

This industrial park must not be allowed to go ahead. Maidstone Greens will be in the front line of the fight to stop it.

Ciaran Oliver
Maidstone Green Party and Bearsted resident

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