Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A plague on both your houses

Last night's climb down on Lords reform was demonstrated how unfit this government is to lead the country. They have kicked parliamentary democracy into the long grass of the 22nd century and left us with a feudal system that is put to shame by almost every other country on the planet.

MPs who have refused to ensure that legislation would be voted on in this parliament have undermined the will of the people who are wholeheartedly supportive of an elected upper chamber, they have undermined their own manifesto commitments to Lords reform and they have demonstrated just how wedded they are to a system of privilege and patronage that the rest of the country finds despicable.

Even worse are the 124 MPs who voted to bin the bill altogether. They have sent a clear message that they have no regard for the will of the people or for democracy. While the bill is not perfect, wanting it stopped in its tracks is beyond contempt. These people are not fit to be MPs in a country that claims to be a democracy and they should be driven from office by their constituents at the next election. I want to see a campaign targeted at them for the contempt they have shown.

The Lords is a sham that needed reform in the 18th century, not the 22nd. The House of Commons is an undemocratic carbuncle that is put to shame by the rest of the world. A plague on both our houses....

The best example of the thinking by Labour in opposing the timetable motion is from Sunny Hundal.  He sets out quite clearly why Labour remain utterly unfit to govern. The post shows just how tribal to Labour he has become and he has lost all credibility as an unbiased blogger.

The list of 91 Tory MPs is here. It includes four from Kent: Julian Brazier, Tracy Crouch, Gareth Johnson and Adam Holloway. 

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