Sunday, 22 July 2012


Looks like a final reprieve for Fant Farm (assuming there is no u-turn). After years of campaigning, lobbying and petitioning, the council has dropped the sprawling housing plans for Fant Farm after accepting that "this area is a locally important landscape which provides part of a green and blue corridor into the centre of Maidstone and that development of this site would result in the loss of grade 1 agricultural land, of which the borough has a limited supply." It's taken them years to get this off of the Strategic Plan but finally it has happened.

The last set of plans would have seen 380 houses go up on much needed farm land when there are far better in town alternatives as long as we are prepared to accept high density housing. Fant Farm is not only high quality agricultural land but it also has poor road links being on one of the most congested junctions in the town.

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