Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sleeping rough in the big society

Welcome to the Big Society, the place where the unemployed are told to work for nothing as security guards at a royal pageant costing millions. A place where they are denied accommodation during the work placement and forced to sleep rough because they have no job. A place where millions are spent celebrating a head of state who is there to maintain the status quo in society. This is the report from the Guardian.

Welcome too to the white, British and male Big Society that witnesses the prime minister disregard the fraud and bias that his posh chum showed towards the media mogul and is happy to call for an inquiry into what appears to be a far more minor misdemeanor, except that it has been committed by an Asian woman who went to a comprehensive school - even if she is co-chair of his party. This is from the New Statesman. It probably isn't racism or sexism or classism that is driving his choices but it certainly looks like it could be.

I'm not a fan of the royals or the feudal system that keeps them in place, but I'd be happy to accept a Royal family who had no formal power in the state but who acted as leaders championing fairness and compassion. I'm not a fan of the Tories who are intent on widening the gap between rich and poor, who aim to keep unemployed people in their place and who even act unequally towards their colleagues, but I hope people start to see them for what they are soon.

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