Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rio +20

I don't hold much hope for Rio +20. The same vested interests ensuring that the environmental crunch hits us square in the face so that they can continue to get richer at the expense of others and the planet.

Fortunately, there are some groups that are trying to get their rational voices heard. Below is an excerpt from the Kari-Oca 2 declaration stating that the 'green economy' rhetoric by world leaders is not green at all:

We cannot allow false solutions to destroy the Earth’s balance, assassinate the seasons, unleash severe weather havoc, privatize life and threaten the very survival of humanity. The Green Economy is a crime against humanity and the Earth. In order to achieve sustainable development, states must recognize the traditional systems of resource management of the Indigenous Peoples that have existed for the millennia, sustaining us even in the face of colonialism. Assuring Indigenous Peoples’ active participation in decision making processes affecting them, and their right of Free Prior and Informed Consent is fundamental. States should likewise provide support for Indigenous Peoples appropriate to their sustainability and self determined priorities without restrictions and constricting guidelines.

We demand that the United Nations, governments and corporations abandon false solutions to climate change, like large hydroelectric dams, genetically modified organisms including GMO trees, plantations, agro-fuels, “clean” coal, nuclear power, natural gas, hydraulic fracturing, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, bio-energy, biomass, biochar, geo-engineering, carbon markets, Clean Development Mechanism and REDD+ that endanger the future and life as we know it. Instead of helping to reduce global warming, they poison and destroy the environment and let the climate crisis spiral exponentially, which may render the planet almost uninhabitable.

The declaration is being presented to the Summit later today.

Avaaz are being a little less nuanced with their latest email campaign to 'save the planet' and they want people to sign up to:

As concerned global citizens, we call on you to save the Rio summit by re-opening talks to end fossil fuel subsidies. The text that negotiators have agreed to has no commitments, timelines, or enforcement mechanisms, just an "invitation" for countries to end polluter handouts. It’s too weak to stop the nearly one trillion dollars governments give to dirty coal, oil and gas each year. We urge you to save the Earth Summit and the planet by delivering a real deal to end fossil fuel subsidies. 


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