Monday, 4 June 2012

Public support renewables, senior Lib Dems don't

It is good to see energy and climate change in the news again. Headlining in the Indy is the public's support for on-shore wind which polls show is at 68%. This certainly matches my experience of talking to people - they are quickly wising up to the spin being spread about the cost of renewable.

It looks like the coalition (especially the Lib Dems) are desperately trying to water down their supposed commitment to renewables. The Grauniad reports that Ed Davey and Chris Huhne: "Davey, a Liberal Democrat, has opposed a new EU target on renewable energy since taking office in early February. A previous document showing attempts by the government to water down the EU renewable energy target was largely prepared under his predecessor, Chris Huhne."

Yet more examples of why the Lib Dems are not fit to be in office and why people who are concerned about climate change should not vote for them.

But it's not just about climate change. Peak oil is with us with some commentators saying that it happened as early as 2005. Certainly BP's charts would suggest this:
Renewables such as wind, especially when added to tidal, wave and solar are the only energy sources that will last for future generations - they are after all, renewable.

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