Sunday, 17 June 2012

Greenpeace KFC campaign

This is from Greenpeace - please sign up and email KFC.

Tell KFC to stop turning rainforests into rubbish!
KFC has been caught red handed with packaging made from rainforest trees. And yet KFC UK claims that its packaging is "100% sustainable or recycled".
Testing by independent experts has shown rainforest fibre in KFC packaging bought in the UK as recently as March this year and that the samples tested were not made from recycled paper.
Our research into its supply chain led us straight from KFC in the UK to one of APP's biggest mills in Indonesia, the home of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.
Email KFC and tell the Colonel it's time for him to own up and remove the rainforest from its packaging. 

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Steve said...

Indonesia has 7000 islands of which Sumatra is just one. Isn't is possible the material came from an area of sustainable forest?

If you let me know where in the enormous archipelago the packaging was from, I can probably let you know that status of those forests.