Friday, 29 June 2012

Executive Election Candidates

Ok, the nominations for Leaders and the Executive are in and there are some interesting candidates. Below are the posts (listed in ascending order of importance...) with a few links to campaign sites where known. In the land of the Green Party, even where there is only one candidate the ballot paper has the option to "Re-Open Nominations" or RON. If RON gets more votes then you lose!

Pippa Bartolotti
Natalie Bennett
Peter Cranie - my first choice
Romayne Phoenix - a particularly nicely laid out website and my second choice

Deputy Leader
Caroline Allen - my first choice
Will Duckworth - a particularly nicely laid out website
Richard Mallender
Alexandra Phillips - my second choice

Tim Dawes

Campaigns Co-ordinator
Jennifer Nadel
Howard Thorp

Elections Co-ordinator
Geoff Smith

External Communications Co-ordinator
Penny Kemp & Joe Williams (job-share)

International Co-ordinator
Sebastian Power
John Street
Derek Wall

Management Co-ordinator
Mark Cridge

In addition, the following candidates have submitted valid nominations for the following posts which will be elected for one year only, as these posts are currently filled by co-opted members:

Local Party Support Co-ordinator
Matthew Townsend

Policy Development Co-ordinator
Stuart Jeffery

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