Monday, 4 June 2012

Brussels and fish stocks

I love Brussels! The train journey from Ashford to Brussels was 1 hr 40mins, tickets for the Metro could be bought on the Eurostar, people walk round the streets at a normal pace, not barging and elbowing as they do in London. There are cafes everywhere with tables outside everyone of them. Perfect!

I was travelling with my daughter who has persuaded our Green MEP, Keith Taylor, to provide work experience for her. Clearly I can't let her travel abroad on her own...

Managed to spend some time at the Parliament and attended a presentation on over fishing. The change in the North Sea over the past 100 years was spelled out in a series of photos that showed how the catch had changed. Cod and halibut were being caught that were 8 feet long. Halibut is now endangered and cod is caught about 18 inches long. The fish stocks are grossly depleted and need a rest. Better still, we could cut down our consumption.

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