Saturday, 12 May 2012

Worthing Councillor Joins Green Party

The Worthing branch of the Green Party announced today that it has been joined by prominent local politician James Doyle. A County Councillor for Worthing Pier division, he recently stood down as a borough councillor (Selden ward), and was a parliamentary candidate in the General Elections of 2005 and 2010, as well as Mayor of Worthing in 2003-4.

James said, "I joined the Liberal Democrats in 1993, and was happy to represent what I thought was a party of fairness, opportunity and commitment to public service, but the actions of the Coalition Government left me with no option but to leave. The national Liberal Democrat party have supported the introduction of policies which I think are destructive and corrosive to our society, and which will reduce access to services for those most in need while enriching those at the top of society.

I am really pleased to be able to join up with the Green Party, a party under whose banner I will continue to fight for the environment, and a progressive and just society. Since 2011 I have sat as an Independent member on both local councils; I will see out my term on West Sussex CC as an Independent and fight to retain the seat as a Green Party candidate in 2013

Welcome James!

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