Friday, 4 May 2012

Shame on you, Labour

Yesterday was bizarre. Labour went on Radio Kent last week and told the world that they were expecting to take 5 or 6 seats in Maidstone. They then put their entire team (around 30 from what I could see) into Fant Ward to make sure that the only good Green hope in Maidstone went red. But it didn't, it stayed blue.

Across the rest of the Borough, campaigning was serene and calm without a Labour activist to be seen. Labour failed to take 5 seats, 4 of which should have been straightforward wins for them. They picked up just one in Shepway South.

Labour also failed to damage the Green vote in Fant. We rose by 2% to 23% despite the continued rain throughout the day which kept some of our voters at home and the dirty campaign of lies by Labour which undoubtedly moved some of our voters to them.

Rather than focusing their effort on getting red bums on seats in the Town Hall, they crashed their campaign with a very poor strategy. They also ensured that the Tories continue in power in Maidstone.

Labour should be ashamed of themselves.

I am proud of the result and the way we conducted the campaign. Bring on 2014.

These were the scores on the day in Fant Ward:

Green: 442 (23.1%)
Lab: 548 (28.7%)
Con: 610 (31.9%)
LibDem: 311 (16.3%)

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