Thursday, 5 April 2012

Water shortages

Of course it would rain on the day that the hosepipe ban started! The South East has long had low rain fall per head of population so it is little wonder that the dry stretch of the past two years can tip the balance. The hosepipe ban will apparently reduce water usage by around 5% or 150 million litres per day which compares to the level of water leaks by the southern England water companies which range from 14% to 20% of water.

Three or four times more water leaks from pipes than will be saved by the hose pipe ban!

Of course the answer is more straightforward than a hosepipe ban. We need smart water meters which charge a low amount for moderate use of water per home and have a higher rate charge when the moderate level is exceeded. This would save people money as they would think about water use and it would save water.

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