Monday, 23 April 2012

Penultimate week

Local election are hotting up. In Maidstone I have a real chance of winning a seat, last year I was just 201 vote from winning and need just a 4% swing. Given the failure of the 'big three' this is a real possibility.

Labour seem to have declared war on the Greens and Tories in the ward but the lies in their leaflet and on the doorstep will not win votes. I would have thought that their candidate who is an accountant should be able to work out a percentage correctly! I suppose the real figure would not show such a good story and if they had included the Green result then they wouldn't look as good... but who need the truth? The electorate perhaps?

Anyway, best to ignore their rubbish. We are getting a great response on the doorstep and the numbers of supporters are ballooning. As long they get out and vote next week we have every chance of winning.


weggis said...
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weggis said...

Best O' Luck to you Sir!