Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nuke survey

YouGov have published a survey that suggests that
  • 45% of UK consumers believe that recent events in Japan have demonstrated the potential dangers in nuclear power, while 44% believe nuclear technology can be safe if properly handled.
  • Women have far more doubts about nuclear power than men with 54% saying that they are uneasy about the potential dangers, compared to only 28% of men.
  • Men are much more likely to have positive opinions on nuclear energy, with 53% saying the government needs to develop the UK’s nuclear power generation capacity compared to only 19% of women.
Clearly women are far more sensible when it comes to nukes.

Yesterday Dungeness B reported a small oil leak. While most small oil leaks in most other forms of generation are unlikely to make the news, nuclear power is so much more dangerous that the leak rightly was reported in the media. It is far more sensible to generate energy from sources that don't have the potential to cause devastation or need the waste to be sealed away for centuries.

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