Sunday, 11 March 2012

Marine and Food Policies

I'm rather proud of the excellent work that the policy groups who have reviewed and rewritten our 'Marine and Coastal' and our 'Food and Agriculure' policy have done.

There are some great pieces of policy in there, these are snippets from Marine and Coastal:
  • MC308 The Green Party believes that management at the EU level (i.e., under the Common Fisheries Policy [CFP]) needs to fundamentally shift from viewing the CFP as an instrument for regulating economic activity, to a policy whose primary aim is to ensure the integrity and sound functioning of marine ecosystems.
  • MC325 The allocation of quotas should be based on long term regional management plans, with input by local inshore fishing fleets and other relevant stakeholders. Those involved in fishing activities should be required to demonstrate that their activities do not damage the marine environment and that they make significant economic contributions to coastal fishing communities. Quotas should be allocated with a bias towards low impact operations and should not be tradable between EU countries. Information on the allocation of quotas should be open and transparent.
  • MC370 Waters surrounding the UK are prime sites for overseas investment to the offshore renewable energy industry. Offshore wind, wave and tidal stream projects will be encouraged in order to meet carbon emission targets and secure our energy supplies. Marine energy projects require capital if the UK is to retain its global technical and market lead and attract private sector investment, which would allow the industry to generate a significant percentage of our energy needs as well as creating jobs.
And a few from Food and Agriculure:
  •  FA200 Everyone has the right to enjoy a sufficient diet of nutritious and safe food for a healthy life. A market-led approach has failed to provide this, so that there are now increasing levels of food poverty and diet-related ill health. Our current pattern of food consumption also causes significant environmental and social harm.
  • FA232 The Green Party will prohibit all marketing targeted at children whose purpose or effect is to promote unhealthy food or drink. This would cover not only traditional advertising methods but anything that acts as advertising, such as promotional websites, text messages, in-store placements and cinema advertising.
  • No to a fat tax, as it would simply be a regressive form of taxation
  • Free, nutritious school meals
  • Education!
  • Limiting fast food takeaways and keeping them away from schools
  • Lots on promoting local, sustainable agriculture that respects animal welfare and seeks to improve biodiversity
Well done to Caroline, Tim, Elizabeth and all the others who have worked hard on these.

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