Monday, 19 March 2012

Flogging the roads and the post

Two pieces of news appeared in the run up to the budget. Firstly the manoeuvres to sell off the Royal Mail. Getting rid of the pension issue is likely to make it highly desirable for friends of the Tories and LibDems to buy.

Secondly, the motorways. Who wants them anyway? Clearly the Tory / LibDem coalition don’t as they are taking steps to sell them off too. Another nice little earner for the friend of Cameron and Clegg.

Fortunately for their rich friends, Osborne is making sure that the middle and lower income people in his Eton class are looked after by scrapping the 50p tax rate. He is saying this publicly of course, just whispering the middle bit under his breath.

This is what the Independent should have reported:  

"Wednesday's Budget will be aimed at "rich people", George Osborne claimed yesterday, with the expected scrapping of the 50p rate for top earners."

 Next time see if you can see his lips moving...

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