Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sliding down the razor blade of life

You will have noticed a significant drying up of posts during the past month. Moving home was not easy and has taken up most of my free time and energy (hence the razor blade). The new home still has a lot of work to do to make it comfortable, but it should be worth it (once it has heating etc...).

Sadly I missed party conference this weekend, including the hustings for the South East MEP list for the Euros in 2014. I have had to arrange others to run the fringes that I was organising - a big thank you to them.

The good news is that the 'Wealth Tax' motion was passed unanimously by conference. I wanted to be there to propose it on the floor but thankfully someone stood in for me (Tim Turner, I think). The motion was short and sweet...

Wealth Tax

Synopsis: Total personal wealth in the UK is £9,000bn, a sum that dwarfs the national debt. It is mostly concentrated at the top, so the richest 10% own £4,000bn. The bottom half of society own just 9%. Taxing the wealthy directly is in keeping with our principles and has been done elsewhere, including France, Norway and Switzerland.

Motion: We support the principle of a wealth tax, either as an occasional tax at a time of specific need or as a continuous periodic levy.

Proposed by: Stuart Jeffery(**), Steve Dawe, Hazel Dawe, Sean Thompson, + 1 other.

Policy committee have been working on revised policy chapters for Food and Agriculture, and Marine and Coastal and they have both gone to conference for a final vote.

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