Sunday, 26 February 2012

150,000 unemployed in Kent

Kent Green Party does not support the Coalition Government's approach to managing the economy or the Deficit(1). It is creating unemployment which could be avoided(2). Stuart Jeffery explains green alternatives:
"Kent Green Party is disturbed that the number of unemployed in Kent and Medway has now reached over 71,000. However the real figure for Kent and Medway may be more like 150,000 as the TUC has pointed out that official figures in the UK do not give a complete or reliable picture of unemployment and under-employment (3). 150,000 people not able to realise their full potential is what the Coalition Government policies should really be addressing in our County(4).
"Kent Green Party believes many useful green sector jobs could be created in Kent and Medway. A scheme of investment in jobs and apprenticeships for unemployed people could provide employment in insulating homes and minor construction for local community organisations. Each local council could direct schemes helping people into useful work while helping reduce the budget deficit as people pay taxes and national insurance.
"By comparison, the Government's misdirected cuts reduce public sector and private sector employment, as the loss of the spending from one public sector job as a result of redundancy means one private sector job will be lost too. We can do better than this, and Kent Green Party urges people to raise this matter with their MPs and local councils since, despite what the Coalition Government says, there are always alternatives."
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1. The Green Party’s manifesto of 2010 gave a costed picture of how a combination of tax increases, selective investment in useful jobs and a limited range of spending cuts could reduce the Deficit by half during this Parliament. This demonstrates that there are always alternatives to the Coalition’s poverty and unemployment creating policies.
2. Including over 1 million 18-24 year olds and over 1 million women, both figures tending to increase.
3. See the TUC’s assessment of unemployment being an actual figure of about 6.3 million: Our figure of 170,000 is based on taking the Government’s broad measure of unemployment at its current appalling level of 2.68 million, accepting the TUC estimate of 6.3 million and adding the resulting percentage difference to the 72,300 figure for Kent and Medway, producing 169,956. However, this will still not cover all people or students looking for work, or those actually working as unpaid carers or those in so-called ‘internships’. Nor does it cover self-employed people who are periodically not earning but are not able to claim easily for short periods particularly. So it is quite likely that our projected figure of 170,000 is in reality actually an under-estimate.
4. Even the lower figure of 72,300 is roughly 1 in 11 of the officially employable population. It is also depressing that the numbers not in education, employment or training (NEETs) are rising, now reaching nearly 1 million (Evening Standard 23RD February 2012) which is partly attributable to the Government’s removal of the Education Maintenance Allowance which supported Further Education students (Guardian 24th February 2012).

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