Saturday, 7 January 2012

Anger as HMRC target small companies rather than corporates

From the national website: "Tax avoidance by big corporations is rife in this country, some estimates put it up to £100 billion each year. The thought of Cameron going after small companies that have few resources, while senior people in HMRC let corporations off with a slap on the wrist, is immoral.

"The government must increase transparency in tax dealing, especially with international companies who are able to move their profits to avoid taxation. Cameron should be working on an international agreement for fair and transparent taxation of these international companies. Sadly, his loyalties lie with them rather than ordinary people." Stuart Jeffrey, Green Party Policy Coordinator.

It got mentioned in Ekklesia which I'm pleased about. Much of the press ignore us on the economy which is frustrating given that we have the only radical and sensible approach to it. Thank you Ekklesia.

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Anonymous said...

There are always HMRC issues around this time of year - this year being no exception. It is undoubtedly unfair that smaller businesses are easy fodder, compared to large corporations who can hide their money well.