Sunday, 4 December 2011

More Lib Dem support for airport expansion: Vince Cable

This time it is Vince Cable MP and the Isle of Grain.

Although he is quite happy to complain about the noise in his Twickenham constituency from Heathrow and opposed the third runway there, it is quite clear that this was a pure NIMBY stance rather than for any concern about the environment, climate change or peak oil.

If anyone has an ounce of concern about the environment please never vote for the Lib Dems.

The article in Kent Business is here. It goes further than the print version and has Cllr Paul Carter (leader of Kent County Council) saying yes to an estuary airport but wanting it in Essex - he seems to be trying to out do Cable in the NIMBY stakes.


The Redfords said...

Support friends of the north Kent marshes if you have an once of sympathy for things environmental.. An airport near to the isle of grain is close to or on top of some of the best protected marsh in the world. You would have to be ignorant even to suggest it........political suicide if you ask me

Stuart Jeffery said...

Thank you "The Redfords", I couldn't agree more and will be campaigning hard to stop the madness.