Saturday, 24 December 2011

Last Christmas Fairy Tale

It was Christmas Eve, babe: Babe was so 1995 - I suspect Downton will be the 'must watch' this Christmas, providing a great insight into our archiac fuedal hangover while showing off pretty costumes and a nice house.

In the drunk tank: well not yet, although this drug grower has landed himself there with festive cheer.

An old man said to me, won't see another one: apparently the world will end just before next Christmas. This could be the Last Christmas...

And then he sang a song The Rare Old Mountain Dew: The new Planning Policy Framework will change our countryside forever, ensuring that development have a presumption that they will be passed.

So happy Christmas I love you baby: Or Winterfest, Solistice, Yule or whatever your mix of Christian and Pagan festivities might be...

I can see a better time When all our dreams come true: Someone has been watching too much X-Factor

They've got cars big as bars They've got rivers of gold: Welcome to the Conservative Party all you 1%ers.

But the wind goes right through you It's no place for the old: If you are part of the 99%...

When you first took my hand On a cold Christmas Eve You promised me Broadway was waiting for me: are the exact words that Cameron said to Clegg two years ago.

Season's Greetings One and All!

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