Saturday, 10 December 2011

I agree with Dave...

I agree with Dave... but will need to wash my mouth out with soap for saying so.

The decision not to agree to fiscal union yesterday was the right one to make, although Cameron made it for the wrong reasons. As Molly points out, he is more concerned with protecting the banking elite than having concerns for democracy, local decision making, and preventing alienation - Molly is spot on with this.

John Lichfield in the Indy accuses Cameron of wanting to turn the UK into an European outpost of the Caymen Islands, and I suspect that he is right.

Ann Pettifor takes a different tack, suggesting that another global financial collapse is imminent and will prevent any chance of EU countries trying to implement fiscal directions as they will be fire fighting their economies at a much more serious level. Again, Ann is right too.

I supported Keith Taylor in producing this statement, setting out our concerns about sovereignty and trade and as I have argued time and time again, the needs for a fair and strong economy are not difficult to grasp:
  • Fair taxation and tax justice
  • Decision making at a level as close to the people it affects as possible
  • Transparency in all financial dealings
  • National currencies - and local currencies
  • International currencies that are independent of any nation
  • Ensuring that economies are not based on activities that pollute or resources that are finite
  • Ensuring that economies meet the needs of peopl
Is that so difficult?

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