Sunday, 4 December 2011

Greenest Government Never

Airports on the Isle of Grain  have been proposed at least three times since WWII (1946, 1963 and 2002); each time they have been rejected.

The latest batch of ideas seemed to stem from Boris Johnson and Lord Norman Foster and now seem to have the backing of George Osborne.

Today Kent Greens attacked the plans that will damage the lives of local people as well as the wildlife across the estuary.

We must also remember the complete lunacy of more airports and more air travel. Peak oil and economic collapse mean that the cost of air travel will increase exponentially in the near future reducing the demand considerably. Even if it was affordable, we have to stop increasing the amount of carbon we are pumping into the atmosphere.

Obviously George 'Carbon' Osborne has as much regard for the environment as the rest of the greenest government (n)ever. Good letters in the Guardian yesterday, explaining as much:

The chancellor has proposed:
• Tax breaks for the country's most polluting industries.
• A revision of the basic safeguards that protect our most precious wildlife sites from development.
• A major expansion of airport capacity in the south-east of England
• Support for a major expansion of the road network.
• Aggressive implementation of a new presumption in favour of development in the planning system.

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