Wednesday, 28 December 2011

CO2 Counter

I've added a CO2 counter to my blog to help highlight the single biggest threat to the Earth: the carbon pollution threat from us humans. The maximum level for safety against runaway climate change is 350ppm, yet we exceeded that 22 years ago and as I type the CO2 counter is showing 390.31ppm. Keeping an eye on world temperature averages is even more worrying. I usually look at the figures from NASA each month, which while depressing, serve as a stark reminder one good reason to keep my focus on political campaigning.

Durban sadly failed to achieve anything with the level of urgency that is needed - a treaty to come ito force in 2020 will be too late to halt the damage already being done. Canada have now decided to join the list of rogue states that refuse to abide by Kyoto and the UK seems to be heading down the fracking stupid path of extracting shale gas by pollution our groundwater.

As regular readers of my blog know, there is many fronts to campaign on - all of which are of great importance and urgency and most of which are connected and co-dependent, but few of which will so singularly devasting as climate change.

Thanks to Peter Cranie for pointing out the CO2 counter!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the name check Stuart. There are a few different, though provoking versions if people want to add one to their own blog.