Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mealy-mouthed Miliband

Great letter from Caroline Lucas in today's Observer (below). Labour are failing the real people in this country, they are failing to back the unions (and I have no idea why the unions keep on backing Labour) and they are failing to lead the country towards a fairer society. They should be consigned to political history.

Caroline's Letter:

Ed Miliband's article was an object lesson in mealy-mouthed prevarication. On the one hand, he acknowledges that the protesters pose a challenge to politics to close the gap between their values and the way the country is run. On the other, he dismisses their "long list of diverse and often impractical proposals".
I should love to know which he finds most "impractical": their call for an end to global tax injustice, or perhaps their proposal that our democratic system should be free of corporate influence? Or maybe it's their support for the student demonstrations this week, or the strikes planned for 30 November?
Until he can demonstrate which side Labour is on, Miliband's assertion that "the Labour party speaks to that crisis and rises to the challenge" will remain hollow rhetoric.
Indeed, the real challenge that the occupiers present to politicians like Miliband is that they are staging the debate that mainstream parties have been studiously avoiding since the economic crisis started – the question of how to completely refocus the values and goals of our economic system, rather than trying to get back to business as usual as fast as possible.
I was proud to have been asked to address the Occupy rally in London last weekend, and proud to be able to say the Green party stands fully behind their goals. It's a pity that Labour can't do the same.
Caroline Lucas


Eveline vd Steen said...

I wish Caroline would stop slagging off Labour at every opportunity. I sincerely believe that Ed Miliband is trying to get rid of the Tony Blair sleazy New-Labour stigma, and is trying to go back to the real Labour roots, without alienating the grassroots Labour support.
If the Greens want to change the political system in Britain to a PR system, they will have to cooperate with the parties closest to them. At the moment that is Labour.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Labour had 13 years to introduce PR, they even promised to do it in two manifestos.

Labour are failing to back ordinary people, failing to back democracy and failing to act on the environment (remember that Miliband was in charge of climate change while agreeing to Heathrow 3, massive motorway expansion, etc. etc.).

Grassroots Labour supporters should ask themselves how long they are prepared to remain betrayed for.

Eveline vd Steen said...

You're missing the point. Labour has been hijacked by Tony Blair and his chums for most of those 13 years. I believe and hope Ed Miliband is trying to draw a line underneath that period. I for one am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

weggis said...

He's a Muppet! Period!

TinyBitGreen said...

Absolutely – We should give him the benefit of the doubt. He is a potential future leader of the country, why should we bother scrutinising his values and actions – he is bound to be ok. After all Labour have never let us down before!

TinyBitGreen said...

Ok Ok before anyone spots my embarrassing mistake, I do realise I mistakenly wrote of Ed Miliband
‘He is a potential future leader of the country’
I am sorry – I will be more careful in future!