Saturday, 19 November 2011

Deal with it

A young campaigner in Deal has asked my to publicise her e-petition against plastic bags. Amber is part of 'Deal with it' a transition style organisation in East Kent - Deal. Please sign the petition!

This is the email from Amber:
    My name is Amber, I'm 16 years old and I've been inspired to set up my own campaign to the government to lobby them to ban the plastic bags. In August this year I set up an online petition on the government's petition site and have been working with my local environmental group, Deal With It, who are trying to get "transition" status.

    I'm really passionate about this and care very much for the marine life that actually end up getting suffocated, strangled and even killed by plastic bags ending up in our oceans. Approximately 1 million seabirds 100,000 marine mammals die from ingestion or entanglement in plastics every single year. Not only that, but the littering of plastic bags spoils our beautiful environment and the pollution from the bags is something I feel many people don't know or understand. Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, known as polythene which is toxic and seeing as plastic bags cannot biodegrade, the pieces photodegrade, only getting smaller and smaller and smaller contaminating our waterways, soils and oceans - even entering the food chain, including the human beings'. To make matters even worse plastic bags are produced using precious finite oil resources which are becoming scarce in the world today. Surely, it would be better to stop making them and at least save some oil as the world's energy demands keep increasing. 

    I think it is really sad what is happening to our planet so I have decided that I would try and do something about it. It is for a better future, for me, my friends, our children and grandchildren. We have to change our ways now, because our planet cannot sustain our way of living. One thing we can do right now is get rid of plastic bags. The number of plastic bags consumed in the past year rose by 333 million and it is time the Government knuckle down and make a change. 

    My national campaign really needs a lot of help and attention because in the next 10 months we need a massive 100,000 signatures to get it debated in Parliament. As this is such a big target and I need to reach out to a lot of people I was wondering whether you could possibly write something about it on your website and maybe even put it in your mailing list. 

    Here is my campaign: and the Deal Mercury newspaper article: and my 1st video:

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