Saturday, 22 October 2011

Visit to OccupyLSX

Make greed history, poverty is just a consequence 

I visited Occupy LSX at St Paul's earlier today and spoke with some to say thank you for their efforts. Met two great people from Strood (John and Louise). Didn't spot the new camp in Finsbury Square!

Protest has been there for a week now and it is a real shame that the City has decided to close St Paul's. The Health and safety excuse is just bizarre as anyone who sees how the protest is being run would agree.

There is a real feeling that change must happen. We cannot carry on with the increasing gap between rich and poor. We cannot allow the interests of the few trample over the needs of the many. Louise's placard says it all: "Make greed history, poverty is just a consequence"


TinyBitGreen said...
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TinyBitGreen said...

Well done Stuart!

Its quite odd, especially as St Pauls institute are running a series on the crisis. . it seems to be just rhetoric though - suppose we couldnt really expect them to actually live by their principles.