Sunday, 2 October 2011

Library fiasco in Maidstone

This appear in this week's Kent Messenger: Dear Editor, Joan Langrick (KM 23 Sept) is right to point out the absurdity of the new Library. While no-one doubts the need for repairs to the Faith St building or the need to bring the Springfield service together with the central Maidstone service, spending £11m on a new library that no-one will be able to get to is simply a waste of money. KCC will be reducing staff and book numbers in the new library while young families and older people will find the new site inaccessible. It is clear from my own correspondence with the council that they have given little thought to the move or its impact. Meanwhile, the County Council is making huge cuts to services and staff based on the flawed economics of the Lib Dem / Conservative government who continue to chant the mantra that the country is broke while they let their rich friends get away with avoiding £100bn in tax each year. As Joan Langrick rightly pointed out, it is not the rich decision makers in County Hall who will suffer the loss of a library but those who need it most, but then those people are the same ones that are under continued attack by local and national government. The council should have invested this money in a scheme that would benefited local people, not a white elephant that will have few visitors. Stuart Jeffery Maidstone Green Party

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