Sunday, 16 October 2011

Greens THIRD in national Com Res poll

Always wrong to follow the opion polls to much or to read too much into them, but sadly I do. So it was fascinating to see that this morning's ComRes poll which uses question:

"If it were a legal requirement for you to vote, which party do you think you would probably vote for Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or some other party?"

The results were:

Labour 83 30%
Tory 73 26%
Green 36 13%
Lib Dem 34 12%
UKIP 21 8%
BNP 13 5%
SNP 6 2%
Plaid 2 1%
Other 10 4%
Total 278 100%

A further 237 people 'did not know' or 'refused'.

Of course there is a margin of error of around 3%, this isn't the main thrust of the poll, etc. etc. BUT it is still great to know that we could do well even if it needs legislation to make voting compulsory.


Steve said...

So you'd legislate to make me vote for parties I don't want?


Stuart Jeffery said...

Probably easier to make voting green compulsory - assured a win that way!

Actually, I have little problem with compulsory voting as long as there is a 'none of the above' option which needs to be beaten in order to win.