Sunday, 2 October 2011

80/20 rule or does it?

News that the coalition are considering pushing 20mph in towns is superb but needs to be nationally mandated as the default limit in residential street. The EU have also backed 20mph as the limit this week. It is time that government took real action to make our streets safer and more community focused.

The 80mph rise will be disastrous. Claiming that people drive at 80 anyway is a poor arguement as an 80 limit will encourage people to drive at 90, plus...
  • Fuel consumption will rise
  • CO2, PM10, and NOx emissions will rise
  • Noise will increase
  • Accidents will increase
Rarely a day goes by without an accident on the A2/M2 and that travels at 60 mostly. The M20 near Harrietsham is incredibly noisy and the air quality at junction 6 is appaling.

I'm usually all for the 80/20 rule but lets stick to the 20 part this time.

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