Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lucas gets companies thrown out of arms fair

It is bad enough that there are such things as arms fairs. Why people / countries need to wander around a fair dedicated to selling items to kill people with is beyond me. When these fairs are found to be selling cluster bombs that are particularly dangerous to civilians and children, and are banned by the UK and 100 other countries, you have to ask what planet the government and the fair organisers, DSEI, are on.

Fortunately our Green MP has exposed this illegal and immoral trade and her actions have resulted in the companies being kicked out of the arms fair. Just one MP. Just think what we could do with 100!

For those readers who are unclear just how bad cluster bombs are, this is from CAAT:

A cluster bomb, or munition, carries a number of individual bomblets, known as submunitions, which are supposed to explode on or near their target. They can be launched by both aircraft and ground forces. A high proportion of cluster bomb submunitions fail to explode on impact and remain dangerous for years. The actual failure rates are a matter of debate. While official military estimates place them at 6% or less, Landmine Action reports that the failure rate of NATO cluster submunitions used in Kosovo in 1999 was between 7 and 11%, and in 1991 up to 40% of cluster submunitions used in Iraq and Kuwait failed to explode. The submunitions are colourful and about the size of a soft-drinks can, making them particularly attractive to children.

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