Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lib Dem failure is trending

Lib Dems are trending on twitter after their support for Lansley's health bill which will destroy the NHS as we know it and according to Lord Howe, presents "huge opportunities" for the private sector. Lib Dem voters and activists are clearly furious with their party who, in places like Maidstone, claim to be in opposition to the Tories. A quick look at how the Lib Dems are supporting this disgusting government shows a different story.

Labour were little better with their love affair with privatising and marketising the NHS. Only the Green Party is committed to the NHS being a service not a market. Lib Dems supporters, take a look at the Green Party and come and support us. We will not sell off our services for a quick buck.

As I blogged earlier, the lies surrounding the NHS Bill come from the top of government. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Labour have failed to provide a narrative for the NHS and they have failed to speak out clearly against the bill. The Greens have called for Lansley to resign for leading the destruction of our health service.

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