Thursday, 15 September 2011

HoL Turkey action

The lastest action by a HoL Turkey is an amendement to the House of Lords Reform Bill which would fix the party balance in the chamber in a false and completely undemocratic way:

The House of Lords is to consist of 300 appointed members of which—
(a) 99 will be elected from the Labour party peers;
(b) 99 will be elected from the Conservative party peers;
(c) 41 will be elected from the Liberal Democrat peers;
(d) 61 will be elected from the cross bench and independent peers;
(e) up to 12 will be Lords Spiritual.”

Clearly Lord Caithness gives no damn as to will of the people, but then why should this turkey consider democracy necessary and as repeated often, turkeys don't vote for Christmas.

Meanwhile, the Joint Committee is calling for submissions, so let's get some evidence to them!

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